Roundtable on Vivir Bien

Roundtable on Vivir Bien
An exchange on Vivir Bien: Old Cosmovisions and New Paradigms.

A headshot of David Barkin

David Barkin
Indigenous communities are constantly forced to accommodate the demands of global capitalism, but they are fighting back. 

A headshot of Nnimmo Bassey

Nnimmo Bassey
The current system has hit a dead end, and we need alternative visions like Vivir Bien and Ubuntu rooted in resilience and community.

A headshot of Adrian Beling

Adrian Beling
Radical social transformation cannot be achieved in one country alone. Transnational collaboration between movements is vital.

A headshot of Ana Carballo

Ana Estefanía Carballo
The emergence of Vivir Bien has challenged the monolithic nature of development and revitalized the debate around it.

A headshot of Eduardo Gudynas

Eduardo Gudynas
Vivir Bien blends indigenous and non-indigenous ideas, with its several variants influenced by prevailing ecological conditions and political context. 

A headshot of Holy Hanson

Holly Hanson
The laudable focus on Andean belief systems draws our attention to traditional social structures that foster reciprocity and interdependence. 

A headshot of Aaron Karp

Aaron Karp
We should struggle over the meaning of “development,” not cede its definition to elites. Ultimately, social transformation will require a mass movement for a development that is rooted in the ethos of democracy.

A headshot of Helena Norberg-Hodge

Helena Norberg-Hodge
Undoing the psychological damage of globalization requires both community self-reliance and global solidarity.

A headshot of Neera Singh

Neera Singh
We have to radically alter the world that we encounter on a day-to-day basis to give alternative values and ways of being a chance to flourish.

A headshot of Pablo Solon

Author’s Response
Pablo Solón addresses points raised by the contributors to this roundtable discussion.Read

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