Who we are?

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Systemic Alternatives is a initiative that aims to build an interactive dialogue to deepen the analysis and strengthen the alternatives that are being developed by grassroots movements and thinkers to overcome the capitalist system. Our goal is to compile information about key alternatives such as vivir bien (“living well”), the commons, degrowth, deglobalization, eco-socialism, the solidarity economy, ecofeminism, food sovereignty and others, and to produce a constructive debate about their strengths, weaknesses, limitations and contradictions. We examine systemic alternatives in a holistic way, focusing on various dimensions, including: the environment,  economy, inequality, cultural diversity, gender, and discrimination.

The sections of analysis presents a range of analyses of the reality from different sources, both mainstream and alternative, and the section of alternatives provides a range of systemic alternatives and the debates between these proposals.

This initiative is coordinated by Attac (in France), Fundación Solón (Bolivia) and Focus on the Global South (Asia).

Systemic Alternatives is made possible through the generous support of CCFD, Fastenopfer and DKA.

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