Ecology Reframes History

[Ariel Salleh, 1997] Ecological crisis displaces modernist political analyses – liberalism, socialism, feminism. It provokes us to re-frame our history, to inscribe a new understanding of ourselves in relation to Nature, so called, and to ask how can we get to live this new sensibility in practical ways.1 That political moment is long due. The bourgeois and proletarian revolutions evaporated before realising their full potential; feminists … Continue reading Ecology Reframes History

Fukushima: A Call for Women’s Leadership

[Ariel Salleh, 2011] On 11 March 2011, the Fukushima nuclear electricity plant in Japan was hit by a powerful earthquake and tsunami. An undetermined land area remains uninhabitable; thousands of people are trying not to breathe, touch, eat or drink, the toxic levels of radiation in their environment. It is believed that BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam and Rio Tinto’s Ranger mine exported uranium from Australia … Continue reading Fukushima: A Call for Women’s Leadership