La implosión de la Venezuela rentista

Edgardo Lander  Crisis en todos los ámbitos de la vida colectiva El detonante principal de la crisis por la cual atraviesa hoy Venezuela, más obviamente no la única causa, ha sido el colapso de los precios del petróleo de los últimos tres años. Mientras en el año 2013 el precio promedio de los crudos venezolanos fue de $100, bajó a $88,42 en el año 2014 … Continue reading La implosión de la Venezuela rentista

Alain Badiou: Eleven points inspired by the situation in Greece

[Verso Books, Miri Davidson, july 09 2015] It is urgently necessary to internationalise the Greek people’s cause. Only the total elimination of the debt would bring an “ideological blow” to the current European system. 1. The Greek people’s massive “No” does not mean a rejection of Europe. It means a rejection of the bankers’ Europe, of infinite debt and of globalised capitalism. 2. Isn’t it … Continue reading Alain Badiou: Eleven points inspired by the situation in Greece

5 Reasons Pope Francis’ Encyclical on the Environment Matters

[07/06/2015, Reynard Loki, Alternet] The first encyclical on the environment in the history of the Catholic Church has its detractors, but it also has the power to inspire meaningful climate action. Pope Francis’ forthcoming encyclical on the environment has been described as “long-awaited” and “much-anticipated.” Indeed, as Peter Smith, who covers religion for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, recently put it: “Rarely in modern times has a … Continue reading 5 Reasons Pope Francis’ Encyclical on the Environment Matters

¿Postergando la acción ante el Cambio Climático?

[Pere Ariza Montobbio][1] Buscando salidas creativas entre el engaño del poder y la potencia de las alternativas. “Somos todo y parte, expansión en red, Vida inabarcable, rebasa la pared. Cuerpo, palabra y mente, las manos del corazón late amor orgánico, clandestina revolución”[2] Sólo con el incremento de la temperatura media global del planeta de 0,85°C en los últimos 130 años[3] los impactos y consecuencias del … Continue reading ¿Postergando la acción ante el Cambio Climático?

The Only Viable Economy

[István Mészáros] 1. Once upon a time the capitalist mode of production represented a great advance over all of the preceding ones, however problematical and indeed destructive this historical advance in the end turned out—and had to turn out—to be.  By breaking the long prevailing but constraining direct link between human use and production, and replacing it with the commodity relation, capital opened up the dynamically unfolding possibilities … Continue reading The Only Viable Economy

Stagnation with deflation: The crisis – Stage ten

[Oscar Ugarteche/Ariel Noyola Rodríguez, January 2014] Everything appears to indicate that stage ten of the crisis that began in August of 2007 has arrived in force; a crisis that has involved multiple bank failures and massive budgetary costs in the United States. This has been followed by serious adjustments in consumption that have resulted in an impact on the growth of the Eurozone economy as well as … Continue reading Stagnation with deflation: The crisis – Stage ten

The Systemic Crisis & Reconfiguration of Capitalism

[Pablo Solón] We are living through a systemic crisis. It is not only a deep economic crisis; it is a crisis of humanity and of Planet Earth. It is a crisis that involves the entire society, the reconfiguration of imperialist and neo-colonialist powers, our values, the rights of women, the rights of nature and the rights of many groups that are oppressed and marginalized because of their nationality, culture, beliefs, sexual orientation and the existence of caste, patriarchal and authoritarian regimes.

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