2016: The Year that Wasn’t Normal

[ETC Group, 30/01/2017] ETC Group’s Long-Awaited 2016 Year-in-Review So you say you want a (fourth) revolution, well you know… Fashionably late and just in time for the Chinese New Year of the Rooster, ETC Group once again offers a tonque-in-cheek wake-up call and look-back at the last thirteen months (spoiler: despite our best hopes, waiting the extra month didn’t make the news any cheerier) Brexit … Continue reading 2016: The Year that Wasn’t Normal


Los robots atacan a Trump

[Marta García Aller, El Independiente, 06 /02/2017] El presidente de EEUU, Donald Trump, añora los años 80. Su política económica y su corte de pelo no dejan lugar a dudas. En los 80 América sí que era grande. La industria manufacturera estadounidense dominaba el mundo, las historias de yuppies la taquilla y decorar rascacielos de color oro aún parecía una buena idea. Tiempos aquéllos. Ahora, … Continue reading Los robots atacan a Trump

A demonstrator holds a sign during a protest  against U.S. President Donald Trump outside the U.S. embassy, in Mexico City, Mexico January 20, 2017. REUTERS/Edgard Garrido

How Labor and Climate United Can Trump Donald Trump

[Labor Network for Sustainability] Donald Trump and his congressional Republican allies have taken control of the U.S. government. The result threatens to be devastating for both labor and the climate – not to mention immigrants, African Americans, Muslims, women, children, the elderly, the disabled, LGBTQ people, and many others. The Trump regime is potentially vulnerable because it only represents the interests of the top 1% … Continue reading How Labor and Climate United Can Trump Donald Trump


The Real Circular Economy

[Sharon Ede, December 2016, Complementary Currency Resource Center] How Relocalising Production With Not-For-Profit Business Models Helps Build Resilient and Prosperous Societies This Commons Transition Special Report was written by Sharon Ede, a sustainability ideas transmitter, writer and activist working in Adelaide, Australia. Ede is also a co-founder of the Post-Growth Institute, one of Commons Transition’s most esteemed Partner Projects. We feel that the Post-Growth Institute’s … Continue reading The Real Circular Economy


Everything Donald Trump Did in His First Week as President 

By George Zornick and Zoë Carpenter – The Nation It’s been a dizzying week—but it’s crucial to keep an eye on what’s really happening. The first week of Donald Trump’s presidency has been overwhelming—a flurry of executive orders, appointments, bizarre tweets, even stranger press conferences, and public appearances and interviews from the president that generated massive attention and controversy. Whether by design or accident, this … Continue reading Everything Donald Trump Did in His First Week as President 

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What is Systemic Alternatives?

Español We are experiencing a systemic crisis that can only be solved through systemic alternatives. What humanity is facing is not only an environmental crisis, an economic crisis, a social crisis or an institutional crisis. It is a crisis of humanity and of the Earth system. This systemic crisis has been triggered by the capitalist system, whose relentless pursuit of endless growth and profits at … Continue reading What is Systemic Alternatives?


Let’s face it: we have to choose between our economy and our future

[Christiane Kliemann, 23/01/2015, The Guardian] The new year has just begun and we’re already inundated with horrible news: two new reports have collected further evidence that human economic activity puts life on Earth at risk, and another shocked us with the fact that the 85 richest people on the planet are as wealthy as the poorest 50% – and that the gap between them is … Continue reading Let’s face it: we have to choose between our economy and our future


Rodrigo Duterte: A fascist original

[02/01/2017, Walden Bello, Rappler – Philipines] ‘Like the anti-Marcos resistance 4 decades back, the only certainty members of the anti-fascist front can count on is that they’re doing the right thing. And that, for some, is a certainty worth dying for’ Fascism, someone wrote, comes in different forms to different societies so that people expecting fascism to develop in the “classic way” fail to recognize … Continue reading Rodrigo Duterte: A fascist original


The Degrowth Alternative

  [Giorgos Kallis, feb/2015, Great Transition Initiative] Both the name and the theory of degrowth aim explicitly to repoliticize environmentalism. Sustainable development and its more recent reincarnation “green growth” depoliticize genuine political antagonisms between alternative visions for the future. They render environmental problems technical, promising win-win solutions and the impossible goal of perpetuating economic growth without harming the environment. Ecologizing society, degrowthers argue, is not … Continue reading The Degrowth Alternative


Climate Denial, Trumpism, and Neo-Liberalism

[William I. Robinson, 12/12/2016, Alainet] There is more than meets the eye in President-elect Trump’s pick to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Scott Pruitt, the Oklahoma attorney general, is a notorious climate change denier. He is part of a coalition of public figures suing over EPA programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and boasts that he is “a leading advocate against the EPA’s activist … Continue reading Climate Denial, Trumpism, and Neo-Liberalism