The planet – and we – are in peril

[Aseem Shrivastava] In his victory speech President Obama spoke of a planet in peril. In doing so he fell prey to the cognitive lapse that pits us against the environment, rather than part of it, and miscommunicates the nature of the ecological threat as just another problem to be fixed with more technology. “We should fear the consequences of changing the composition of the atmosphere.” James … Continue reading The planet – and we – are in peril

Sharing the pie

[Aseem Shrivastava] Policymakers say that the size of the pie in developing countries has to be enlarged before it can be distributed more equitably. But the way a country’s economy grows will determine whether there is anything left to distribute at the end of the growth process. “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Albert Einstein Three closely related … Continue reading Sharing the pie