European Summer University for Social Movements

A workshop on Systemic Alternatives will take place on Thursday, August 21, 2014, as part of ATTAC’s European Summer University for Social Movements.

The session is coordinated by ATTAC France, Focus on the Global South, and the Transnational Institute.

Starting from a reflection on existing discussions around systemic alternatives (such as the commons, buen vivir, feminist ecology and degrowth) we will have a debate about the ongoing processes of resistances and how to build alternatives through them. Mobilizations towards Paris 2015 are an opportunity to discuss on the need of systemic alternatives to face the multiple social and ecological crises. Questions like the following will be addressed: What are the main components of a systemic alternative? What are the current alternatives and their strengths and weakness? What is needed or what is still missing? What is the process of transition to those systemic alternatives?

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