Systemic Alternatives Symposium: Addressing the hard questions

We are at a critical moment and choices and actions we take now will determine if we contribute further to the various crises threatening our planet and people, or if we actively join those who would face the different crises and work together to dismantle the system of root causes of these crises and in its place, push forward both existing and new systemic alternatives.

In this context, the Systemic Alternatives Symposium aims to contribute to the process of reflection, resistance and building of alternatives in both, paradigm and practice, by bringing around 55 activists-thinkers from different parts of the world for a gathering in Brazil from the 7th to the 9th of April 2019. The goal is to analyze new and persisting trends in the global situation, strengthen alternatives for progressive systemic change, and advance resistance and hope.

We will reach out across our silos, to one another and build alliances, trusting the other and drawing strength from one another. There already are new waves of resistance at multiple levels that we can draw inspiration from. We deepen our analysis on the roots and impacts of multiple crises trying to understand what we need to confront. There is a deep urgency for us to rethink our strategies, look critically at ourselves and take those learnings to build a stronger, more intersectional and more courageous struggle against these forces that seek to dominate our territories, bodies and resources.

The agenda centers on:

  1. Analysis of the new trends of the global situation.
  2. Systemic alternatives in action focusing on democracy, energy, food, water, forest and ecofeminist alternatives.
  3. Building strategies for systemic change.

This symposium will be organized in tandem with and support from the EDGE Funders Alliance. On April 10th we will have a one-day Encontro (meeting) with EDGE to discuss tangible and strategic guideposts for foundations to move from transactional to transformational grant making, in support of progressive, deep and long-term social change.

You will find the papers, presentations and videos of the Systemic Alternative Symposium in