Silent Springs

By: Pablo Solón [Versión en Español] version française The birds are gone.Many people speak of them, confused and worried.The few birds that are seen are dying: they tremble and cannot fly.It is a spring void of voices. 1962: Rachel Carson’s book has just been published and quickly becomes a bestseller. It begins with a “fable for tomorrow” in which a town is imagined where birds … Continue reading Silent Springs

Our food is not your business

Alternatives to unsustainable livestock and feedstock farming and the current corporate free trade model This briefing paper aims to contribute to the many ongoing efforts, actions, and discussions on alternatives to industrial livestock production, whether local, specific or systemic. It considers how we can strengthen, link and build on existing genuine alternatives, as well as creating new ones, together with social movements, small farmers, small … Continue reading Our food is not your business