Las nuevas fronteras de la democracia

Christophe Aguiton (English/Français) Hablar de “alternativas sistémicas” significa abordar conceptos o experiencias que resultan de prácticas sociales reales, los cuales han surgido recientemente o en el pasado y que ponen en tela de juicio, parcial o totalmente, el sistema de dominación actual. De esta manera, debemos examinar las formas en que se gestionan estas alternativas, es decir, los modelos democráticos que aseguran su regulación. La … Continue reading Las nuevas fronteras de la democracia

Evo’s questions*

By Pablo Solón

[Español, français] Saturday, the night of November 24. Any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence. A series of questions pass through Evo’s mind as he reads the law that just passed unanimously in the Senators and Deputies chamber:

Why did they not consider my resignation letter in the Legislative Assembly? Does my party not have more than two thirds in the parliament? How can they unanimously approve, together with the coup plotters, a law to annul the elections of October 20, and call to new elections? Why did they not follow the path to reject my resignation and thus make it clear to the world that there are two governments, one fascist and racist coup, and another legitimate and indigenous ready to return to Bolivia? Do they not realize that by not discussing my resignation letter they are admitting that I abandoned my duties and that is why Añez proclaimed herself President? Continue reading “Evo’s questions*”

The Most Radical Aspect of Jeremy Corbyn’s Program? Democratizing the Economy

BY MICHAL ROZWORSKI. This story was first published at Jacobin.  So much about the 2017 Labour election campaign has been heartening: the energy, the conviction, the full-throated embrace of remaking government in the service of the many. All of the main campaign pledges — from free tuition to thousands of new homes to a stronger National Health Service — will change where money and resources flow … Continue reading The Most Radical Aspect of Jeremy Corbyn’s Program? Democratizing the Economy

Pour une démocratie écologique

[Dominique Bourg & Kerry Whiteside] Notre consommation ne cesse d’augmenter et la planète est exsangue. Confier notre salut au progrès technologique et à l’économie relève de l’illusion. Car la solution est politique : c’est à la refondation de notre démocratie représentative qu’il faut tendre. Nous partirons d’une hypothèse acquise pour les environnementalistes, mais dont la réception est mitigée dès qu’on sort d’un cercle restreint, soit pour des … Continue reading Pour une démocratie écologique