Decoding the digital economy

by Mary Louise Malig Read the publication in full here Content:IntroductionScope of the Digital EconomyThe Platform EconomyThe Value of DataThe Technology of the Digital WorldPreliminary conclusions and Afterthoughts Introduction Have you ever taken a ride in an Uber or Lyft? Do you have a room or apartment that you have registered as a place to rent out on AirBnB? Have you ever bought and downloaded … Continue reading Decoding the digital economy

Preliminary conclusions and Afterthoughts

There is no doubt that the digital economy is vast and complex and with the rapid changes in technology that impacts various elements, the understanding of all its moving parts is therefore a challenge in and of itself. The innovations that led to even more progress in new technologies, infrastructure, software, programs, algorithms, blockchain technologies and information, communications technologies, have had and continue to have … Continue reading Preliminary conclusions and Afterthoughts

The Technology of the Digital World

Innovation has moved forward the development of new digital technologies, improvement of older models of software or hardware, and research and development for even more, keeping up with the growth of the digital economy. There are many new digital technologies, but for this paper, we have selected a few key ones that are critical in enabling the digital economy and serve as the building blocks … Continue reading The Technology of the Digital World

The Value of Data

It is quite important to note that all the issues discussed in the preceding chapters on digital platforms, the digital economy and all the layers to it, that none of that would be possible without data. In the digital economy, data is the new oil. It is an extremely valuable resource that fuels the whole system. Data is not only valuable to the corporations that … Continue reading The Value of Data

The Platform Economy

Digital platforms are best described as a technology based space which facilitates the meeting and matching of individuals or businesses that would not have otherwise met. For example, a digital platform, using its data driven infrastructure and operations, is able to then more effectively bring together sellers and consumers who have the same interests and are suited for each other. There are two types of … Continue reading The Platform Economy

Parte 4: La economía digital: Hay más que el comercio

[English] La economía digital es un espectro mucho más amplio y el comercio digital es sólo una parte de él. La economía digital implica nuevas tecnologías, una infraestructura más rápida y muchos más trabajadores cualificados en tecnología y otras áreas importantes.  Sólo hay que ver la figura de abajo: Tecnologías digitales que ya están aquí o que llegarán muy pronto 1. Tecnologías de cadena de … Continue reading Parte 4: La economía digital: Hay más que el comercio

Parte 2: La Economía de las Plataformas Digitales y sus Propietarios

[English] Para entender mejor la economía de las plataformas digitales, desglosaremos los distintos tipos de plataformas; veremos cómo los datos pasan de ser materia prima a ser un bien monetizado en la cadena de valor digital; y analizaremos cómo el debate sobre el comercio digital no debe limitarse al tema de aranceles a los bienes y servicios digitales, y debe incluir la problemática de los … Continue reading Parte 2: La Economía de las Plataformas Digitales y sus Propietarios

Parte 1: ¿Qué es el comercio digital?

[English] El comercio digital, al igual que el comercio tradicional, es parte de la economía. El comercio digital es un componente de la creciente economía digital y afecta a la economía no digital que es mucho más amplia. El comercio digital no es nuevo. Sin embargo, a pesar de que existe desde hace tiempo, no hay acuerdo a nivel internacional sobre su definición y alcance. … Continue reading Parte 1: ¿Qué es el comercio digital?